The Critical Mass


“The Critical Mass”


“The Water Giants”

written by
Kenneth W. Hanis

 Author’s Proof


Today’s Date – July 6, 2017

The most unpopular, yet the most talked about news in the living history of every human being is ‘climate change’. The most immediate effect of this process, is human access to fresh ‘drinking water’.

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  • Fresh water is the foundation of every industrial process in the world.
  • Fresh water (tap water) is fast becoming the most profitable commodity in the world.

Please read the Preface to my Book below

:Author’s Request:

A single copy of this *Author’s Proof* of my eBook (electronic copy) Novel “The Critical Mass”, in digital ‘eBook’ form only, is free to any person to keep and read only. Please encourage others that you feel might like this eBook to download it for themselves. I have created the eBook in epub and kindle’s mobi formats.

I invite you all to ‘vet’ this work for me. .. I NEED ‘your’ feedback.

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Please feel free to email me, the author, to share any thoughts you have on the book. I want to encourage all that can, to translate any parts of this novel you like into whatever language you are fluent with, (my first preference is Spanish) and send it to me alongside the translated English text at the following email address: ‘‘.

* I want to accomplish three things by this:

  1. I want to be able to make this book available in other languages as a free eBook.
  2. – I want to traditionally paper publish and/or self publish this book in other languages so I can make available Paperback editions for any that prefer that format.
  3. – I want 100,000,000 people to read this Book.

* The overriding theme of the ‘The Critical Mass’ is – “We make plans, and God laughs”, because Nature always takes its own course. .. This theme embodies two sub themes, expressed primarily through the ‘Activist’ character of Jane, and I express them as:

  1. – “Corporate Profit, is to artificial intelligence, – as Profit sharing, is to human intelligence”.
  2. – “Water’ is a Human Right, and not a Commodity”.

‘The Critical Mass’ is an entertaining and enlightening Romantic Dramedy that also conveys clear and present emotional dangers, and has an untelegraphed, and unexpected, ending.

I hope this book reaches you all ‘on some level’, and I thank you in advance for reading it.

* Book Cover Summary: – Dick takes a job he does not need, to earn the money for an engagement ring he does not want to buy for Betty. But, upon meeting Jane, a Latina immigrant woman who is a die hard environmental activist, his heart is arrested, and his life takes on a life of its own.

The day Dick entered the ‘real’ world to take on a job for wages, his protected life became a memory; there could be no turning back. .. Armed with his naivety, honesty, and integrity, he made friends, friendly enemies, and unbeknownst to himself, he found true love in an immigrant Latina woman named Jane. .. Dick and Jane are simply you and I; but Jane is a Water Activist, and her contribution toward solving this problem is unique and yet stupidly obvious.


 Preface to my Book

An old proverb suggests, ‘We make plans, and God laughs’.

It’s clear to me that God’s laughter infers superior intelligence and superior knowledge; and perhaps even the foresight of Prometheus. .. However, I prefer a more practical interpretation of that old proverb, and I express it as simply, .. ‘Nature takes its course‘ because this notion removes my judgements of right and wrong toward world events and people; and through this belief I sleep better at night.

My original plan in writing ‘The Critical Mass’ was to create a romantic dramatic story (Dramedy) and distill it into a screenplay for a feature film. A task I ultimately completed. Originally, it was to be a satirical story about a man becoming trapped by ‘Retail Tradition’, and so began working to earn enough extra money to buy a diamond engagement ring. .. It was only ever meant to be a simple satirical wedding story, but, in the process of my research toward answering fundamental questions about my novel characters, – mostly trying to answer why they think and act the way they do, – Nature took its course.

I wanted my story to go one way, and the story wanted to go another way. .. Where I wanted ‘my’ story to express the theme that ‘nature takes its course’, .. the story insisted on suggesting that ‘definitions’ are fickle and misleading, and that ‘tried is not necessarily true’, and there is always a different personal approach available to every imperative situation, and every undertaking in life. Ultimately, my novel now conveys both themes.

The Critical Mass has a voice of its own; and as much as ‘my’ story was written for all to enjoy, I came to learn that my story was now speaking primarily to the generation that inherited the 21st Century, – the so-called ‘millennial’ generation. The generation of souls, who with their progeny ‘to be’, are destined to inherit the future we have created for them.


On a personal note; – I never saw a dark corner in my life that I did not explore. I never blindly accepted the advice of an ‘authority’ with out examination, or heard a rule that I did not question. My Mother told me not to touch the stove element because it was hot and I would burn myself. I touched the stove element and discovered for myself that it was hot and I’d burned my finger. A similar situation occurred with the wall outlet, and light socket. In all fairness, I was exploring the properties of electricity at the time; .. but I digressed .. I never accepted an ignorant person for a friend. My one and only attempt to understand an ignorant person’s point of view rewarded me with a punch in the face.

However, I have always been impressed by the exercise in futility when others tried to honestly convey their own direct experiences and personal truths from the context of their life circumstances, because it gave me a deeper respect for my parents labored attempts at providing me guidance.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a person that drinks at least three litres of water a day, much more in Summer and less in Winter, and for most of my adult life I’ve had the curious need (some would accuse me of obsession) to always have at least a 2 weeks supply of drinking water stowed away in a dark closet as an ‘ounce’ of prevention against some unforeseen natural disaster. In fact my private attitude has always been, “every empty used water or juice bottle in the home that does not contain fresh drinking water is crime against the unknown”.


This very novel was originally titled ‘The Water Giants’ because ‘water’ is often used as a metaphor for the mutable, human, spirit of life; .. and as much as I have introduced the Water Giants in my novel as destructive, multinational forces in the world, .. the Water Giants are also presented as Giants of human spirit and conviction.

Water is Life.  Be a Water Giant

Kenneth Wayne Hanis


“The Critical Mass”
Copyright Canada 2016 by Kenneth Wayne Hanis

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